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We provide comprehensive treatment for many Medical Conditions

  • Walk-in appointments are available. So dont wait if you are sick!
  • Get your Annual Physicals and your Flu shots here
  • Get your Blood pressure under tight control. We have helped hundreds of patients who suffer from high blood pressure.
  • High Cholesterol is a common problem and will lead to heart disease - you can prevent it.
  • Get your Body Composition analysis and find out about your fat and lean body mass
  • TOP Rated Primary Care Doctors
  • Our Affiliate, Prima Med Spa offers Medical Cosmetic services and a Medical Weight loss program.
  • We treat Knee Pain, Hip pain and other joint pains and help you understand any associated or linked conditions you may be suffering from.
  • Get your arthritis and joint paindiagnosed and treated the right way
  • Are you worried about Thyroid disease? Our doctors are experienced in treating these conditions.
  • Sleep problems? We do a Comprehensive assessment before we refer you to a sleep center.
  • We care about you, se we do Wellness counseling and health education
  • Offices in Fairfax and South Riding
  • Do you suffer from Asthma, Bronchitis, Allergies? We will help you overcome.
  • Read our 5 STAR Patient Reviews
  • Get Joint Injections for Osteoarthritis.

PRIMA MEDICINE is a State of the Art, EMR based Medical practice

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