Walk-In Care

At Prima Medicine, we understand that sometimes medical needs arise unexpectedly and require immediate attention. That's why we offer convenient, prompt walk-in care services that cater to teenagers and older adults without needing a prior appointment.

Benefits of Walk-In Care at Prima Medicine

Immediate Access to Quality Care: In addition to our urgent care service, Prima Immediate Care, our walk-in clinics allow you to receive last-minute care without an appointment. We’re equipped to handle various medical issues promptly at our walk-in clinics in Fairfax and South Riding, VA. Whether you have a sudden illness or a minor injury, our walk-in clinics are ready to serve you with minimal waiting times.

Expert Care by Top-Rated Doctors: You can expect excellent care from our team of licensed medical professionals. They’ll take the time to listen to your concerns without rushing, so you can still have a thorough and compassionate consultation.

Why Choose Prima Medicine?

Prima Medicine is a leading primary care provider in the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area, with modern facilities in Fairfax, South Riding, and Merrifield, Virginia. As part of Privia Medical Group, our practice delivers exceptional care emphasizing comprehensive health and wellness.

Our approach to healthcare is patient-centered, ensuring that every visit is thorough and tailored to your needs. The medical team at Prima Medicine is trained to offer immediate care and ongoing support for a variety of health concerns. 

We know how unpredictable illnesses and injuries can be, so we strive to accommodate your schedule with same-day or next-day appointments and weekend hours. For unexpected medical needs, we offer walk-in care. Whether you need routine screenings, management of chronic conditions, or urgent care, Prima Medicine is here and ready to help you stay healthy.

What to Expect During Your Visit

When you visit our walk-in clinics, you can expect a smooth process from start to finish. Our friendly staff will greet you and guide you through a quick registration process. 

Our doctors are ready to assess your condition, discuss your symptoms, and provide the appropriate treatment. We prioritize a patient-centered approach so you feel heard and cared for throughout your visit.

Common Conditions Treated at Walk-In Clinics

Prima Medicine's walk-in clinics are equipped to handle a wide range of medical conditions. Here are some of the common issues we address:

  • Colds and Flu: Quick assessment and treatment to alleviate symptoms and speed up recovery.
  • Infections: Treatment for various infections, including urinary tract infections, respiratory infections, and skin infections.
  • Minor Injuries: Care for minor cuts, burns, sprains, and fractures.
  • Routine Screenings and Vaccinations: Stay up-to-date with your health with our preventative care services.
  • Chronic Condition Management: Ongoing support for chronic health issues such as asthma, diabetes, and hypertension.

FAQs About Walk-In Care

What Should I Bring to My Walk-In Appointment?

Please bring a valid ID, your health insurance card, and a method of payment. It is also helpful to have any relevant medical records or medications you are currently taking.

How Does Walk-In Care Differ From Emergency Room Care?

Walk-in care is designed for non-life-threatening conditions and offers a faster and often more cost-effective solution than the emergency room for minor to moderate health issues.

What Is the Difference Between a Walk-In Clinic and Urgent Care?

Walk-in clinics are ideal for treating minor ailments and injuries, while urgent care centers handle more serious, non-life-threatening conditions needing immediate attention, such as fractures or severe respiratory illnesses. Both provide quick access and extended hours beyond traditional doctors' offices.

Can I Receive Prescriptions From a Walk-In Care Visit?

Yes, our doctors can prescribe medications as necessary for your treatment during your visit.

How Do I Know If Walk-In Care Is Right for My Situation?

Walking-in care is an excellent option if you are experiencing a non-emergency health issue that still requires prompt attention. For severe or life-threatening conditions, please visit an emergency room or call 911.

Get Immediate Care Today at Prima Medicine

Don't wait to address your medical needs. Visit Prima Medicine's walk-in clinics in Fairfax and South Riding today for immediate, expert care without the wait. For more information or to schedule a consultation for more specialized needs, call (703) 870-3750.

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