Retina Vision Scan

At Prima Medicine, we believe understanding your eye health is key to maintaining your overall quality of life. That's why we provide advanced retina vision scans to our patients in Northern Virginia. This tool allows us to see beyond the surface, detecting potential eye diseases before they worsen. Retinal imaging is part of our comprehensive lineup of advanced medical services.

What Is a Retina Vision Scan?

A retina vision scan is an advanced diagnostic procedure that takes detailed images of your retina—the inner layer of your eye that captures light and sends visual information to your brain. While standard eye exams mainly test how well you can see, a retina vision scan goes deeper, examining the intricate structures of your eye. This allows for early detection of eye conditions that could lead to vision loss if not addressed.

Generally, adults might consider having a scan as part of their regular or annual check-ups, especially if they:

  • Are over the age of 40
  • Have a family history of eye disease
  • Experience changes in vision
  • Have health conditions that affect the eyes, like diabetes

Your family and internal medicine provider at Prima Medicine can recommend how often you should have a retina vision scan based on your specific circumstances. Regular monitoring helps protect your eye health and ensures we can address any potential issues right away. If needed, we can refer you to an eye doctor for treatment.

Why Are Retina Vision Scans Important?

Retina vision scans are important because the retina, located in the back of your eye, is prone to various conditions that can develop quietly without noticeable symptoms at first. These issues could include:

By using retina vision scans, doctors can catch these diseases early to prevent severe damage and manage the condition effectively. Regular scans help maintain the best possible eye health so you can keep seeing the world clearly.

Our doctors use a special camera to perform retinal imaging quickly and without dilation. If more advanced tests are needed, we can refer you to an eye doctor.

What to Expect for Your Retina Vision Scan at Prima Medicine

When you visit Prima Medicine for a retina vision scan, you will experience a seamless and comfortable process designed with your care in mind:

  • Preparation: You may have had your eyes dilated for previous retina scans. At our practice, dilation is not required for your retinal imaging, and no preparation is needed. 
  • During the Scan: You'll rest your chin on a stabilizer to keep your head still while a machine takes high-resolution images of your retina. The process is quick, generally taking only a few minutes per eye.
  • Post-Scan: Our providers will review the results with you. After the scan, you can resume your normal routine. You will be able to drive yourself home because we don’t dilate your eyes for the test. 

Why Choose Prima Medicine?

At Prima Medicine, we blend prompt, efficient service with the warmth of highly qualified doctors. Our providers take the time to listen and respond to your needs without rushing you. Recognized as the top doctors in Northern Virginia, our team offers flexible scheduling options, including same-day or next-day appointments for your convenience.

Our Fairfax, South Riding, and Merrifield locations provide a variety of medical services, from annual physicals to managing chronic conditions. We're here to help you maintain your health through personalized care and a patient-first approach.

What to Do After a Retina Vision Scan

Following your retina vision scan at Prima Medicine, our specialists will analyze the images and discuss the findings with you. If we find any abnormalities, you may need additional diagnostic tests or treatment from an eye doctor. We advise regular retina vision scans to watch for any changes in your eye health over time, especially if you are at risk of retinal diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of a Retina Vision Scan?

  • Early detection of conditions that could lead to vision loss.
  • Insight into symptoms of diabetes or high blood pressure that may show in your eyes.
  • Ability to manage conditions before they lead to serious health issues.

What Are the Risks Associated With Retina Vision Scans?

Retina vision scans are safe and non-invasive. Our office doesn’t dilate pupils, so there is no risk of temporary blurry vision. There are no other long-term adverse effects associated with the service.

Who Should Get a Retina Vision Scan?

Anyone interested in a comprehensive assessment of their eye health, especially if you have a family history of eye disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure, should undergo retinal imaging.

How Often Should I Get a Retina Vision Scan?

We recommend an annual retina vision scan for most patients, though you may need more frequent scans if you have risk factors or existing eye conditions.

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