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Foods to Avoid if You Have Gout 

Gout is a type of arthritis that causes painful swelling in the joints of the big toe. But, did you know that certain foods can contribute to flare-ups? Take a minute to discover the foods to avoid and the foods that can help reduce inflammation.
Sep 6th, 2023

How Does Ozempic® Work for Weight Loss?

Shedding extra weight is always a challenge. And for those adults with an underlying condition linked to weight gain, winning the battle of the bulge can be even harder. Learn how Ozempic® can help you achieve your weight-loss goals.
Jul 10th, 2023

Here’s How Arthritis is Diagnosed

Are you wondering if that pain in your joint is caused by arthritis? You’ve got good reason to wonder, since nearly 25% of American adults are affected by this painful joint condition. Here’s a look at how arthritis is diagnosed and treated.
Jun 2nd, 2023

What to Expect from Chronic Care Management for Diabetes

If you’re among the millions of American adults living with diabetes, chronic care management (CCM) offers a way to reclaim control of your health by staying on top of your disease. Here’s a closer look at CCM and what you can expect.
Apr 10th, 2023

4 Common Signs of a Vitamin D Deficiency

Your body needs the right amount of vitamin D to function properly. If you don’t have sufficient levels, your health can suffer. Here’s a closer look at this essential vitamin and four common signs you’re deficient.
Mar 13th, 2023

Little-Known Benefits of Your Annual Physicals

Most people go to the doctor when they’re sick or injured, but what about when they’re healthy? Annual physicals can help keep you as healthy as possible and catch problems in their early stages. Read on to learn more.
Feb 14th, 2023

When to Get Medical Help for Flu Symptoms

The flu affects millions of people each year. While most people recover without any issues, some people have a greater risk of developing flu-related complications. Here’s what you need to know about the flu and when to get help.
Jan 23rd, 2023

Am I a Good Candidate for Remote Patient Monitoring?

If you have a chronic health condition or disease, remote patient monitoring (RPM) may be able to help you better manage your condition. Learn more about RPM and whether you may be a good candidate for the program.
Dec 9th, 2022

How to Get Started with Chronic Care Management

If you have one or more chronic health conditions, you can better manage your health and avoid trips to the ER and longer stays at the hospital with chronic care management. Learn how you can get started with this beneficial program.
Nov 2nd, 2022

Top 10 Reasons to Seek an Urgent Care Visit

Illnesses and accidents rarely give you time to plan a medical appointment in advance. Fortunately, urgent care offers fast, affordable care. Here’s a look at the top ten reasons you should visit urgent care.
Oct 7th, 2022

When Insect Bites and Stings Require Urgent Care

Insect bites or stings may make you itch or cause mild discomfort, but most don’t necessitate medical care. Some bug bites, however, can be dangerous to your health. Here’s how to know when an insect bite or sting requires urgent care.
Sep 6th, 2022

5 Important Benefits of Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Did you know chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability in the U.S.? If you’re one of the millions of American adults with a chronic health condition, learn how chronic care management (CCM) can help keep you well.
Jul 1st, 2022

Diet or Exercise? Which Is Most Important to Weight Loss?

When you’re working hard to lose weight, you want to spend your time and energy in the place that gets you results. Many people wonder which is better for sustained weight loss: diet or exercise? Keep reading to learn the answer.
Jun 1st, 2022

Helping a Loved One With Memory Loss

Some memory loss is normal as you age, and some types are more serious. If you have a loved one with memory loss, you know how difficult it can be. Keep reading to learn how you can help a loved one cope.
May 1st, 2022

Health Benefits of Losing Weight

Carrying extra weight increases your risk of developing many serious health conditions. Fortunately, shedding those extra pounds can improve your overall health. Here’s what you need to know.
Mar 1st, 2022

Tips for Staying Active When You Have Arthritis

Although no cure exists for arthritis, exercise is one of the best things you can do to slow the progression of this degenerative disease and improve your symptoms. Here are our top tips for staying active with arthritis.
Feb 1st, 2022

Can Your Diet Impact Your Mood?

Millions of Americans struggle with mood disorders, such as depression. But, did you know that the foods you eat — or don’t eat — can be a factor? Keep reading to learn how your diet can impact your mood.
Jan 5th, 2022

Lesser-known Complications of Diabetes

You know diabetes prevents your body from regulating blood sugar. But there are complications related to the disease that you may not know about. Keep reading to learn about some lesser-known complications and what you can do to prevent them.
Nov 3rd, 2021

At-home Treatments for Type 2 Diabetes

If you have Type 2 diabetes, medication isn’t the only option when it comes to managing your blood sugar. Read on to learn about simple at-home treatments that can help control and even reverse this chronic disease.
Oct 7th, 2021

What’s Causing Your High Blood Pressure?

If you’re among the millions of Americans who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, understanding the cause could help you lower your numbers. Keep reading to learn about some common causes of this health condition.
Sep 6th, 2021

Why Do I Need an Annual Physical?

With many things competing for your attention, it can be easy to let routine appointments slide. Don’t let your annual physical exam be one of them! Learn about the importance of these annual checkups and how they can help protect your health.
Aug 10th, 2021

Is Sleep Apnea Dangerous?

Most people associate sleep apnea with snoring. But did you know that without the proper treatment, sleep apnea can be dangerous to your health? Keep reading to learn what you need to know about this common disorder.
Jul 13th, 2021

How to Prepare for Your Immigration Physical

Immigrating to a new country means many tasks to check off your to-do list, including getting an immigration physical. To make the process easier, we’ve put this guide together to help you know what to expect.
Jun 17th, 2021

Are You at Risk for a Heart Attack?

Did you know you could be at risk for a heart attack without having any outward signs of heart disease? Understanding your risk factors and taking steps to reduce them is your best way of preventing a cardiac event. Read on to learn more.
May 1st, 2021

Tips for Avoiding a UTI

If you’ve struggled with the pain and discomfort of a urinary tract infection (UTI), chances are you’d like to avoid having another one in the future. Read on to learn steps you can take to prevent getting UTIs.
Apr 1st, 2021

5 Steps to Take If You Have Prediabetes

Are you one of the millions of Americans with high blood sugar and at risk for Type 2 diabetes? There are steps you can take to manage your condition and get your health back on track. Read on to learn what you need to know.
Mar 11th, 2021

When to See a Doctor About Acid Reflux

Having acid reflux now and then isn’t usually a cause for concern. But, if you’re experiencing it two times a week or more, it may be time to seek medical help. Read on to learn more.
Feb 1st, 2021

5 Signs of Sleep Apnea

Snoring is commonly associated with sleep apnea, but there are other warning signs you shouldn’t ignore. Take a moment to learn about them and what you can do if you think you have this common sleep disorder.
Jan 1st, 2021

When to Consider Telemedicine

Telemedicine offers a convenient, safe, and effective way to get quality medical care. But it’s not the right choice for every situation. Read on to learn when it’s the right time to consider virtual care.
Dec 1st, 2020

Why Rest is Important When You Have the Flu

We’re in the heart of the fall season here in Northern Virginia, and with the return of cooler temperatures comes the return of the flu season. While there’s no cure for the flu, resting can help you recover faster. Take a moment to learn why.
Nov 30th, 2020

How to Manage Chronic Constipation

Everyone struggles to move their bowels from time to time, but chronic constipation can be a source of ongoing discomfort. It can even disrupt your personal and work life. Here are some tips for managing chronic constipation so you can find relief.
Sep 1st, 2020

Pain and Bloating: Is it Indigestion or a Stomach Ulcer?

If you have frequent abdominal pain and bloating, you might be wondering if you have chronic indigestion or if your symptoms are a sign of something more serious, such as a stomach ulcer. This guide will help you tell the difference.
Aug 10th, 2020

How Much Memory Loss is Normal with Aging?

Many people experience some memory loss with aging, making it hard to know what’s normal and what’s not. The good news is that age-related memory loss doesn’t have to progress. Read on to learn more about memory loss and what you can do about it.
Jul 13th, 2020

Don’t Ignore These Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Untreated sleep apnea can result in serious health complications. You already know that snoring is associated with sleep apnea. But did you know there are other symptoms you shouldn’t ignore? Read on to learn more about this common sleep disorder.
Jun 23rd, 2020

Understanding Your Thyroid’s Effect on Your Health

Your thyroid plays an important role in your health. This little gland makes hormones that control many body functions, and when it’s out of balance, many problems can occur. Read on to learn how your thyroid affects your health.
May 4th, 2020

5 Signs You May Have an Ulcer

Are you experiencing pain or burning sensations and worried you might have an ulcer? Read on to learn the top five signs that you may have an ulcer and what you can do about it.
Mar 5th, 2020

Who is at Risk for Developing Arthritis?

Arthritis can strike anyone, but certain factors in your everyday lifestyle put you more at risk than others. Find out what you could be doing to increase your risk and what you can do to keep your joints healthy.
Dec 1st, 2019

The Link Between Obesity and Diabetes

The preponderance of evidence linking obesity with diabetes is making both medical professionals and patients sit up and take notice. You can mitigate your risk of these conditions with careful health planning.
Nov 1st, 2019

What Every Woman Should Know About Heart Disease

For decades, women primarily worried about heart disease as an affliction their husband might have. Now women are waking up to the realization that heart disease is an equal opportunity killer.
Oct 1st, 2019

What is Behavioral Health?

Your behavioral health plays a critical role in your physical and emotional well-being. Find out what conditions can benefit from behavioral health treatment and whether these therapies can make a difference for you.
Aug 1st, 2019

7 Tips for Controlling Your Acid Reflux Symptoms

If you find yourself reaching for those chalky tablets or guzzling thick antacid straight from the bottle, you might have acid reflux. A few lifestyle changes can help you beat the heat of heartburn.
May 14th, 2019

How to Prevent Prediabetes From Turning Into Full-Blown Diabetes

When it comes to your health, there are few opportunities to change the outcome for the better. Prediabetes is one such chance, giving you ample time to take the necessary steps to avoid a health condition that has lifelong consequences. Here’s how.
Apr 2nd, 2019

Telehealth: The Advantages of Telemedicine

Struggles to get to the clinic? Trying to reduce your exposure to COVID-19, as well as other contagious illnesses, and still need to see your doctor? Telehealth is safe and easy — receive quality care from anywhere.
Dec 23rd, 2020