Everything You Need to Know About Immigration Physicals

Female doctor using stethoscope to examine patient in doctor's office According to one recent study, about 810,000 people apply to become United States citizens yearly. Part of the process of becoming a United States Citizen is to have an immigration physical. The overall goal of immigration physicals is to ensure that every person entering the US is healthy and that they’ve been properly vaccinated. The process of receiving a visa or citizenship is comprehensive, so it’s vital to have your immigrant physicals completed by professionals familiar with the paperwork.

The team at Prima Medicine is well-versed in immigrant physicals and can work with you to ensure your paperwork is completed properly to facilitate the application process. In order to make sure that your application goes through without delay, here’s what you can expect during your immigration physical to prepare.

How Can I Prepare for My Immigration Physical?

Prior to your appointment for a physical, please have your form I-693, a government-issued photo ID, vaccination records, and medical insurance card, if applicable.

You should also be prepared to answer questions about your medical and family history, including past diagnoses, medications, procedures, and so on.

Our physicians will test for any communicable diseases, such as tuberculosis, during your exam. If you, or someone in your party, were to test positive for tuberculosis, our team members can walk you through your next steps, including treatment, medications, and a generalized timeline. Rest assured that this does not mean your application will be permanently inadmissible. Once one of our doctors shows that you have been adequately treated, the application process can proceed as normal.

We will also complete any lab testing and administer any vaccinations you have yet to receive.

According to the State Department, if a member of your party is under the age of 15, they won’t have to go through the chest x-ray or blood tests required for everyone else. This is important to be aware of when making your appointment with a provider like Prima Medicine.

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If you’re interested in learning more information about immigration physicals or if you have any additional questions about your health and well-being, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Prima Medicine today. You can call the Fairfax location at 703-382-5776, the South Riding location at 703-775-4801, or the Merrifield location at 703-957-7271.

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