How An Internist Can Help You Manage Your Chronic Condition


If you’re trying to navigate the complexities of chronic health issues, you’re not alone. Around 60% of American adults have at least one chronic health issue, and many more struggle with multiple chronic diseases. 

Chronic care management (CCM), which is a branch of medicine designed to help patients manage and treat chronic issues, can help. 

At Prima Medicine, with locations in Fairfax and South Riding, Virginia, our board-certified internal medicine providers are uniquely positioned to ensure you receive optimal care for your chronic health needs.

Keep reading to learn more about CCM and how an internist can help you stay healthy.

What is an internist?

An internist, often known as an internal medicine physician, dedicates their career to adult medicine. Unlike specialists who focus on a specific body part or disease, internists address a wide array of health issues adults might face. 

From annual physical exams and diabetes management to behavioral health issues and hormonal imbalances, these physicians have got you covered. Internists concentrate on adult health, tailoring their approach to the unique needs of adult patients. 

This specialization means internists have an in-depth understanding of the adult body’s intricacies and potential health challenges. Moreover, internists are known for building long-term relationships with their patients, fostering trust and understanding over the years.

What is chronic care management?

Imagine having someone who constantly monitors your health, making sure all aspects are in sync. That’s what chronic care management offers. 

Rooted in a comprehensive understanding of your health and history, our CCM program at Prima Medicine ensures that every element of your health care is harmoniously coordinated.


Your CCM journey begins with the assignment of a dedicated care coordinator. Acting as the central point of contact, this coordinator liaises with everyone involved in your care, from your primary care doctor and specialists to mental health providers and social workers. 

The beauty of this system is you’re never alone. With CCM, there’s always a health professional available 24/7, ensuring timely assistance whenever you need it.

Regular check-ins are another hallmark of our CCM program. Instead of waiting for symptoms to become unbearable, these automatic phone check-ins allow for proactive health management. 

Every aspect of your lifestyle is considered, ensuring a holistic view of your well-being. Moreover, our CCM program isn’t just about better health, it’s also about making smarter health care decisions. 

Through our CCM system, we help reduce unnecessary hospital visits, find cost-effective treatments, and optimize your overall health journey. In fact, patients report great satisfaction with CCM programs!

Why choose an internist for chronic conditions?

Navigating chronic conditions requires more than just occasional doctor visits. It requires a partner who understands your journey, anticipates challenges, and offers solutions. The internists at Prima Medicine excel in this role.

Our internists view your health from a broad perspective, combining their deep medical knowledge with an understanding of your lifestyle, history, and concerns. This total approach means that no stone is left unturned when addressing your health issues. 

What’s more? Our internists’ specialization in adult health means they’re tuned in to the evolving health needs adults face, from the early adult years to the senior years. Plus, the close-knit relationship between you and your internist means that as your health evolves, your care plan does, too. 

Instead of the same treatments again and again, your Prima Medicine internist continually adapts strategies to fit your current situation. Whether it’s managing diabetes, heart conditions, or hormonal imbalances, your provider ensures that you’re always on the optimal path.

Whether you’re grappling with a new diagnosis or seeking ways to better manage an existing condition, our team at Prima Medicine is here to help. Reach out today to schedule an appointment, and let’s chart a path to better health together.

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